Hiring Rx Elimination Method

[testimonial1_arial author=\”Call: 712-432-0900.Attendee Code: 990878#\”]“Special Hiring Rx Interview – Mark your calendar to join Nitin Chhoda and a special guest, a highly successful physical therapist from Manhattan, New York city on Wednesday, June 20th at 7 pm EST.”[/testimonial1_arial]

4 thoughts on “Hiring Rx Elimination Method

  1. I cannot wait for this training to start.

    As a private practitioner, it is frustrating to have your hopes up when you hire a good physical therapist only to be snatched away by other clinics. This after a considerable time and effort expended training them. I even went to the extent of doing a survey on the current benefits and compensation package of the healthcare industry. I would say mine is competitive but I still keep losing my staff.

    Not only is it frustrating but it is not good for my self-esteem as well. I keep thinking there’s must be something wrong with me why I cannot keep my staff.

    Hopefully, the training on June 20 will finally put my mind at rest and make hiring people more productive.

  2. Is it really that simple? I’m a bit cynical because the hiring process is one of the daunting tasks of my being a private practitioner. Even with the help of my very competent office manager, we seem to be getting the wrong people.

    Even with the present economy, the physical therapy healthcare industry is more of an employee market than an employer market. It’s the basic law of supply and demand. More physical therapy jobs, less physical therapists to do the job. This is good for the physical therapists but not good for us private practice owners.

    What I like best about your presentation is the fact that your concept will stop private practitioners being at the mercy of others. I surely look forward to the training which will accomplish this.

  3. Incredible stuff Nitin. We’ve been struggling with hiring for a long time now and if this helps – nothing like it! The clinic has been growing rapidly with the use of the Therapy Newsletter and Referral Ignition system and now we are actively looking for new staff to help us manage the workload so this is good timing. Thanks and look forward to the remaining videos.

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